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Thriving Minds

Big Ideas for Curious Minds. Foundations for Success. We extend a warm invitation to all able and ambitious students, as well as educators, to unlock their full potential! Embark on a journey of intellectual growth with an Oxford Stretch Study Day.


EthIQa’s online learning platform, the Academy Learning Lab, is the leading provider of exclusive online learning for A Level students in Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics.

Academy Leadership

The Academy Ltd organises meetings and events, connecting leaders in education to top academics from the best universities in the world. They are the most intellectually rigorous events on offer to educational leaders in the country. The purpose is to inspire, to challenge, and to provide vital space for thinking.

Philosothon UK

The aim of the Philosothon is to promote philosophical enquiry and rigour by bringing students from Years 9-13 together around stimulus material which allows the group to move beyond discussion towards critical inquiry.


The Independent Schools Religious Studies Association. affirms that Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy are academically rigorous subject of vital relevance with a challenging and timeless voice. We exist to support RS teachers in British independent schools, to provide networking and training opportunities.

Thriving Minds UK Conferences

National Senior Stretch

Nurturing Brilliance: Age 14+. Unleash Your Potential Big Ideas Senior stretch is an annual gathering of exceptional young minds.

Intermediates Conferences

This study day offers a unique provision for academically gifted students. Year 7-9 / Ages 12-14.

Regional Senior Stretch

This study day offers a unique provision for academically gifted students: Years 10-13.

Thriving Minds Australia and New Zealand Conferences

Senior Stretch

Big Ideas For Bright Minds: Age 14+. A Conference For More Able And Ambitious Students.

Junior Stretch

Inspire Ambition: Age 11–14. Big ideas for curious minds. Celebrate a day of intellectual exploration designed for motivated and ambitious students.

Symposium 1 for Gifted Education

The Symposium for Gifted Education emphasises the importance of delivering an effective gifted education.

EthIQa UK Conferences

A Level RS

A level Philosophy Ethics & Religion Masterclass

Smoking Gun

Unveiling the “Smoking Gun” Event: Exploring Arguments for the Existence of God

Julie Arliss

Julie Arliss coordinates major projects for the Ian Ramsey Centre at the University of Oxford, including a $3.6M initiative in Central and Eastern Europe, along with numerous outreach programs for schools. She is the Founder and Head of Academy Conferences, a leading provider of events for Religious Studies students, teachers, gifted students, and headteachers. In recent years, her events have reached over 30,000 students and 4,000 teachers and headteachers across the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Julie has collaborated with the Ian Ramsey Centre on projects such as “Accelerating Insight,” funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, and “Philosothon Expansion,” funded by the Templeton Religion Trust.

Additionally, Julie serves as Chair of the Independent Schools Religious Studies Association and is a prominent national advocate for Religious Studies in UK schools. She is also the Educational Director of Thriving Minds, where she is renowned as an exceptional educator of gifted students. Thriving Minds equips talented students with the tools necessary to cultivate critical thinking, analyse complex problems, and innovate.

For almost three decades, Julie has worked with some of the greatest living thinkers, delivering outstanding programs to students across the UK and Australasia. Her legacy extends far beyond the conference platform, influencing the lives of students who carry these values with them throughout their lives:

  1. Critical Thinking: Encouraging students to question assumptions and approach problems analytically.
  2. Innovative Thinking: Inspiring creativity and the exploration of new ideas to develop real-world solutions.
  3. Holistic Development: Fostering not just academic excellence but also emotional, social, and ethical growth.
  4. Lifelong Learning: Instilling a love for continuous education and personal growth.
  5. Compassion: Nurturing empathy and a sense of social responsibility.

Julie is currently based at the University of Oxford.

Julie Arliss

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